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WHITE TEA: White tea is considered to be one of the purest teas in the world.  It is harvest mostly in China.  It is derived from the first flush of buds of the tea bush.  They are plucked before they open in early spring, then withered and dried slowly at low temperatures.  The name white tea comes from the fine silvery-white hair on the unopened buds of the tea plant.  No pan fring or steaming, no fermentation, white tea has a very high polyphenol count.

Peach Sunshine lose   white custom loose
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Health Benefits
White tea aids in detoxifying the body, it may inhibits the growth of certain cancers.  Studies show white tea is excellent for skin and complexion and may reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  It may assist in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, it aides in building stronger bones and helps keep teeth and gums healthy.  It is antibacterial and antiviral.

BREWING: Approximately 3 -7 minutes

*The information provided regarding the health benefits are for informational purposes only. We make no claims to the accuracy of the information provided. Always consult with a physician.

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Peach Sunshine:
A great tasting white tea with sweet peachy citrus notes.  Excellent hot or cold. Ingredients – Luxury White tea, freeze dried peaches, natural flavors with notes of light fruit finish.

peach sunshine

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